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Mon, January 22, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

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Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, home of elite emcees (Royce 5'9, Black Milk, Danny Brown, Big Sean, Guilty Simpson) Teek Hall hopes to join those ranks with his upcoming album "The Living DayLights". After several releases in 2017 Teek is ready to claim 2018 as his own.

The Living DayLights is an idiom for somebody's eyes and in Teek Hall's 32 years he has seen a lot that he hopes to express in this album.

This album carries themes of loss, pain and heartache. Growing up with nothing and what you will do in those situations to overcome the emptiness inside. Growing up the Hero but living long enough to become the Villain.Things that may scare "The Living DayLights" out of you.

This is the album that Teek says if you should judge him let it be off this body of work. Fully produced by Charlie Mumbles, Teek Hall pulls together an impressive list of guest features including Open Mike Eagle, Mega Ran, Guilty Simpson, Vee Tha Rula, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey and Wax Society.

With songs like Beautiful Loss feat. Open Mike Eagle or the lead single MR.T that has been gaining many new fans Teek Hall is looking to have a year and a career that he could see coming all along.
Random, aka Mega Ran, Big Ran or Random Beats. Teacher, Rapper, Hero.

Random, aka Mega Ran. Teacher, Rapper, Hero. A 14-year music veteran, middle school teacher and videogame aficionado, Random's songs are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. A Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, graduate of Penn State University and former middle school instructor, Random speaks to the everyman, transcending race or class barriers."I never want anyone to predict my next move," he says. You can, however, expect the unexpected from Random, hence the name.

Random made waves by going way left of his backpack roots when he released "Mega Ran" in 2007. It was an album completely comprised of sampled 8-bit beats from the hit video game series "Mega Man." The album (and its follow up, Mega Ran 9) virtually exploded after video game corporation CAPCOM offered Random a special licensing agreement, and calling on Ran to perform at Comic-Con and other special events.

Random's unique combination of fantasy and true to life music has garnered him respect and admiration from the genre's toughest critics; Not many independent artists can boast having music utilized in television (TNA Wrestling, Portlandia), videogames (Rock Band, among others), movies, and university courses in several colleges in the US (Temple, Virginia Tech, Miami among others). Now that's Random.

Random's critically acclaimed projects as Mega Ran include FOREVER FAMICOM, a tribute to NES classics, and BLACK MATERIA, an album based on the music of hit Final Fantasy VII. Ran continues to reach new heights after video game corporation CAPCOM offered Random an exclusive licensing agreement, leading to movie, TV and game soundtrack placements and tours of the US, UK and Japan and more. Catch Ran on the front of leading hip-hop and gaming publications and sites, or at a show near you.

Today, Random is no longer a teacher by title, but still travels the world to entertain and educate through the gift of music. From the clubs and lounges to the packed comic and gaming conventions all over, Random's music has managed game and movie soundtrack placements and press coverage in Playstation Magazine, Wired Magazine, The Phoenix New Times, URB Magazine, Game Developer, Nintendo Power, and more.
Dela Preme is an American Hip Hop Artist from Glendale, AZ. He is the Leader/Founder of The FullSpeed Family. Preme started his rap career in the streets of Phoenix, where he engaged in freestyle rap battles; gaining respect locally, going by his previous alias "Kid Preme." He always wanted more; so he patiently waited for his chance to prove that he could make timeless music as well as, move the crowd with his unique style, delivery, and energy.

Following the death of his big brother/mentor Christian, the anger he held inside of him ultimately led him into the street life in Glendale, better known as "The G"; a lifestyle that you hear throughout Preme's entire catalog. Drugs, Gangs, and Violence played a very large role in his development from a teenager into an adult.

"I'll always love my hood. Good and Bad. Glendale raised me and that's why I'll always hold it down. Just like the rest of AZ"- Dela Preme

"The neighborhood I'm from is predominately Latinos and Black people. Two culture I have a lot of love a respect for. That's why you hear Spanish in pretty much all of my music. It's just another way to pay homage to where I come from"- Dela Preme

When things got "Out of Control", Preme's mother knew this wasn't a lifestyle she wanted for her oldest child, so she enrolled him into a prestigious private school; Brophy College Preparatory, one of the top high schools in the nation. She did this so that he wouldn't follow in the footsteps of his brother or his friends.

"I've always had a thirst for knowledge, and I've always excelled in school. Education was so important to my family, and I had to work off my tuition each year in order for me to attend because my family wasn't able to afford it. It was definitely eye opening, seeing my family sacrifice and struggle just so I could have a better life than they had, I can't thank my parents or my grandmother enough for that"-Dela Preme

But no matter how much he tried, the street life kept pulling him back, and was still very much a big part of his everyday life. "I was reckless when I was younger. I was banging, selling drugs, getting into fights and bringing too much static to my crib so my parents got fed up and kicked me out when I was 16"-Dela Preme

"It was tough love but I needed it, at the time I hated them for it but it was honestly the best thing they ever could've done for me. I was ungrateful and I needed that wake up call. I didn't come back until I was in my 20's"-Dela Preme

Without his parents there to make sure he was handling his business it was up to him to get a grip and graduate. "School was a crazy experience. It was the first time I had really experienced discrimination. It was like, I was beneath the kids at school because I wasn't wealthy, and I was too good for my hood because I valued my education. I was constantly proving myself on both ends just to feel like I belonged. Shit was poison and I went through a stage of depression because of it, but it was something I had to overcome. I had to evolve, and stop giving a fuck about what others thought about me because it's my life, no one else's"- Dela Preme

"And that's when I got the "Full Speed Ahead" tattoo on my back. It became something to me. It's about staying focused on your dreams and goals and following through no matter what. No distractions, no detours, no slowing down just Speeding The Fuck Up. I'm proud to say I graduated from the streets and from school, that crazy combination made me who I am today."- Dela Preme

"After school, I focused tough on my music and knew I needed someone to help me develop my sound, that's when I linked up with Jon Sullivan, creator of Sullivan Productions. I've known Jon since 7th grade, we're both Leo's, he keeps me focused and we've both grown together these past few years. He tracked, mixed and mastered my entire debut project, "The Rise of The Black Lion", it took us about 8 months to put it together, the first time I had to be quiet and patient, shit was so hard!!"

"During that 8 month period, I linked up with Chitown Jon, he pushed me the shit out of me. I did shows damn near every week, some weekends I had two or three shows in the same night. Shit was hectic but I loved every second. I'm big on work ethic, I wanted mine to speak for itself." -Dela Preme

That hard work led him to connections and affiliations that have played very big roles In his development as artist and a business man. His Big Brother I-Dee, Larry Lynn and The Truminati Family, with whom he went on his first tour with.

"Now that the project is finished, I have a new outlook on life. I recognize my position as a leader in my community and the part that it plays in the growth of this music scene in AZ. This is bigger than me. I have a strong Queen behind me three Beautiful children, I do this so they can have the life I wasn't able to. It's just the beginning. The Rise of the Black Lion has begun, and this Glendalien is going to SpeedTF^ until I'm a household name" -Dela Preme
Johnnie Bananerrz is a one of a kind unsigned lyricist from Phoenix, Arizona. Keep up to date with the latest music releases and news updates by following.
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The Rebel Lounge
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