Making of The Rebel Lounge’s “ARIZONA” Mural

The Rebel Lounge unveils “ARIZONA” mural. 

The Rebel Lounge has completed its “ARIZONA” mural. The new mural is a collaboration between 8 of the best muralists in Arizona. The mural takes up the entire east side of the building. It depicts the desert landscape in Arizona, as well as the personality and diversity of each artist.

The letters making up the 50 foot long ARIZONA were each painted by a different local artist in their own styles. The artist contributing a letter are: Ashley Macias (A), BASK (R), Joshua Rhodes (I), Clay Halling (Z), Andy Brown (O), Volar (N) and JB Snyder (A). The background is a view of the Superstition Mountains painted by Tucson’s Joe Pagac. 

“We knew we wanted something memorable on this wall. Something that bands touring through would see and remember,” said The Rebel Lounge’s owner Stephen Chilton. “We toyed with ideas of what that should be for a while before settling on this.” 

Each artist painting a letter was given complete freedom to paint whatever they wanted inside the confines of their letter. “The only instruction we gave was to be colorful, and we showed them the background. The rest was completely up to them,” says Chilton, “It has been one of the best parts of the project, seeing what everyone would come up with.” 

Video features the new track “Playing With Fire” by Breakup Shoes. Catch their album release show at The Rebel Lounge on 9/28/19. (Info here). 


Background – Joe Pagac ( Website / Instagram )
Joe Pagac works around the nation as a muralist and sculptor. He lives in Tucson with his wonderful wife, a dog that acts like a cat, and a ghost. 

A – Ashley Macias  ( Website / Instagram )
Ashley Macias is a Phoenix-based artist who is influenced by the human psychology and surreal experiences around her both physically and metaphysically. Her work is often changing fluidly through various experiences from geographic influences and her appreciation for things found in nature. She finds continuous passion in questions within our cosmic universe often pulling influences from psychedelia, living animals, abstract imagery, sexuality, death, cosmic dreams and organic shapes. 

R – BASK  ( Website / Instagram )
Josh Brizuela born and raised in Arizona. Big baby turtle leech eater numero 1. RIP Austin.

I – Joshua Rhodes  ( Website / Instagram )
Joshua Rhodes is a Shih Tzu owner and Artist from Tempe, Arizona. He studied drawing and painting at Arizona State University. His illustrative style developed through heavy influences of anime, cartoons, and comics. He enjoys traveling and attending art fairs for inspiration. 

Z – Clay Halling  ( Website / Instagram )
Clay Halling is an illustrator & graphic artist based in Phoenix Arizona. Beyond the heavily illustrated characteristics of his work is a typography-driven graphic designer. With his in-house design experience in marketing and his print production background, Clay has the technical know-how to create unique graphics that separate brands from the ordinary.

O – Andy Brown  ( Instagram )
Andy Brown is inspired from day to day life, both locally and from travels. He is based out of a studio in megaphone phx, a concept he founded in 2015. Canvas work, wall art, scribbling, graphic design, community, love, thinking and not thinking help keep him balanced.

N – Volar  ( Instagram )
Chis Sanchez is a Phoenix-born painter and muralist who has been creating for over 25 years. Stylistically his work is influenced by comic sequential art, graffiti street art, fine art and graphic design, as well as deep appreciation for indigenous cultures.

A – JB Snyder  ( Instagram )
Drawing inspiration from the colorful and psychedelic images associated with the classic rock era, artist and muralist JB Snyder uses continuous lines, bright colors and hidden images to add a sense of musicality and intrigue to his designs. He got his start in the Arizona hip-hop and DJ scene in the early 2000s doing live painting, and eventually took his style from the canvas to the street. From abandoned buildings to boring beige wall, he strives to add a sense of life and vibrancy into everything he paints.  

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