Statement on Saturday’s Events

Saturday night the band Three Bad Jacks set the floor in front of the stage on fire during their set at The Rebel Lounge. This immediately set off safety systems including fire alarms and sprinklers that put out the flames within seconds. The show was immediately ended and patrons were safely evacuated from the building. Thankfully no one was harmed in the incident and everyone left safely.

Three Bad Jacks did not have permission to use fire. They did not ask anyone at The Rebel Lounge for permission nor would any such permission have been granted. We have since learned that this band has had prior incidents of using fire in their set after explicitly being told not to do so.

At The Rebel Lounge we take the safety of our patrons very seriously which is why we chose to install the fire suppression system as part of our rehab of the historic Mason Jar building before opening last year.

We are in the process of assessing and repairing the water damage from the fire sprinkler system and hope to be open again by this weekend. We want to thank for Phoenix Fire Department for their assistance and support during and after this incident. We will continue to assist with any ongoing Phoenix Fire Department investigation should it be necessary.

-The Rebel Lounge

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