The Rebel Lounge Reopens Saturday October 24th With Reap & Sow Coffee Bar



Photo by PaulAnn Egelhoff.

On Saturday, October 24th, The Rebel Lounge reopens to the public – not as a concert venue for now, but instead as a neighborhood coffee shop, bar, and lounge in collaboration with our friends Reap & Sow Coffee! Reap & Sow is a specialty coffee shop brought to you by the folks behind Driftwood Coffee in Peoria. R&S will open each day at 7am, serving coffee, pastries, burritos, cocktails and more. 
The Rebel Lounge will be open as a bar and lounge in the evenings until 10pm, with all the charm of the rock and roll bar people have come to expect from Rebel, and you can even grab some food or coffee after dark. 

Our space will be open to a limited capacity, and we’ll be taking other precautions to make sure that our patrons and our staff remain safe. You can find more info on those regulations on our website.

We’re so grateful for the outpouring of love we have received from our community since we closed our doors over seven months ago 🖤

We hope that you will come out this weekend to celebrate the reopening of The Rebel Lounge and Reap & Sow. We can’t wait to see you all again!


Reap & Sow Coffee Bar is the new endeavor by Driftwood Coffee owners Luke Bentley and Lance Linderman. The two opened Driftwood Coffee at 83rd Ave. & Peoria in 2018 with the mission to create a space to build community – a vision adjacent to that of The Rebel Lounge’s owner Stephen Chilton for his venue. Driftwood Coffee was named Best New(ish) Coffee Shop this year by Phoenix New Times.

“I spent several years promoting and touring with Lance’s old band DeSole. After they disbanded we stayed close friends,” said Chilton of the new partners. “Lance, Luke and I had talked about this idea of opening a new Driftwood location during the day inside Rebel for a few years, and now with the pandemic looking like it could last a long time, it seems like the perfect time to start that project. It will be great to work with him again after all these years.”

The space itself has undergone some changes to accommodate the new concept and elevate the space, including new furniture, photography, and skylights for some natural light during the day.

“Coming from Peoria (which we love), the only thing that sounds better to us than opening a second location in Phoenix, is opening a second location inside The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix,” said Reap & Sow owner Lance Linderman. “We feel extremely lucky and honored to join forces with Steve and his team in re-opening the Rebel lounge. The personal history I have to the space and with Steve made coming here a no brainer.”

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Luke Bentley, Lance Linderman & Stephen Chilton (left to right)

Photo by Charles Barth.




In an effort to keep the community safe and comply with regulations and recommendations from health experts and government officials, The Rebel Lounge and Reap & Sow will be taking the following precautions upon opening to the public on October 24th:

Social distancing: the space will operate at 25% capacity for the foreseeable future

Mask wearing: Masks will be required for patrons entering the building until they are seated at their table, and staff will wear masks at all times

Cooperation with guidelines: The Rebel Lounge and Reap & Sow will consistently monitor the local and national health guidelines and suggestions from the CDC and other public health organizations, and will adjust safety measures accordingly

Other: For more in-depth explanations of these new safety precautions, please visit The Rebel Lounge’s blog at

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